Tue May 04 2021


  • Fixed an issue with large integers being truncated in Snowflake and BigQuery
  • Fixed an column aliases not being suggested after group by
  • Fixed an issue with order being suggested rather than order by


Wed Apr 21 2021

dbt 0.19.1

dbt version 0.19.1 is now available for use.


  • Fixed an issue with in and not in being considered invalid syntax
  • Fixed an issue with union being considered invalid syntax
  • Fixed an issue with group by not accepting expressions
  • Fixed an issue where changing the connection associated with a tab did not refresh the error linting of the tab contents


Fri Apr 16 2021


  • Fixed an issue when canceling dbt commands on Windows
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on Lineage Graph nodes on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with Redshift dbt profiles using pass rather password


Thu Apr 08 2021

Autocomplete sources in dbt files

The source_name and table_name of the source Jinja function will now show autocomplete suggestions based on the sources that exist in your project.

Allow selection of role in a Snowflake connection

You can now assume a specific role for a Snowflake connection.


  • Fixed an issue caused by test nodes in dbt lineage graphs
  • Fixed an issue with "between" not being considered valid syntax


Wed Apr 07 2021

New editor file styles

We've updated the styles used in the editor to make keywords more clear across more types of displays, operating systems, and resolutions

Create a new dbt project within Studio

You can now create a new dbt project in Studio, allowing you to define the target, profile, and version of dbt to use.

Function tooltips in dbt files

When calling a function in a dbt file, you can now see the function signature to quickly see what parameters to pass to the function


  • Fixed an issue with connections persisting after being deleted
  • Fixed an issue with where users could run a query in a tab after deleting the query
  • Fixed an issue with count(*) not being considered valid syntax
  • Fixed an issue with columns being aliased with as not being considered valid syntax


Thu Mar 18 2021

Function Parameter Tooltips

When opening a function in a query or a dbt file, the function parameters will be shown.

Reference autocomplete in dbt files

A list of models in the dbt project will be provided when completing a reference in a dbt file.


Fri Feb 26 2021

Drag and drop files in dbt projects

You can now drag and drop files and folders in dbt projects

Filter dbt models by resource type

The lineage graph now features a vertical panel for filtering and has added support for filtering by resource type.

lineage graph open showing new Options panel


Thu Feb 11 2021

Clicking "New Query" now sets connection details

Right clicking on a Connection and clicking "New Query" will now set the tab's connection details to the current connection's database (and schema if a schema was selected).


Wed Feb 10 2021

All BigQuery instances available to service account are now shown

When connecting to BigQuery, all BigQuery instances that service account has access to will be shown.

Improved support for git ignored files in dbt projects

Files and folders that are ignored from git are now dimmed in the dbt project explorer. Those files are also omitted from the results in the omnibar results.


Wed Feb 03 2021

Shortcut tooltips

Common actions will now show their keyboard shortcut in the toolip.

tooltip shortcut on a button


Fri Jan 29 2021

Generate dbt source and dbt base model

Right clicking on a Schema of a dbt Connection and clicking "Generate dbt Source" will generate a dbt source based on the DDL the tables in that schema.

Right clicking on a Table of a dbt Connection and clicking "Generate dbt base Model" will generate a dbt Model based on the DDL the table.

Support for dbt Exposures

If you've defined exposures in your dbt project (and you should), you will now send them rendered in the Lineage Graph.

tooltip shortcut on a button

Click on dbt file names in logs to jump to file

When viewing the output of a dbt command or a compilarion failure, you can now click on the dbt file name to jump directly to the dbt file


Thu Dec 31 2020

Window function autocomplete

Keywords used in windows functions now show autocomplete reccomendations.

autocomplete for a window function


Fri Dec 18 2020

Active dbt profile is accessible as a Connection

When opening a dbt project, a Connection is added to the Connections listing with the default profile and target of the dbt project, allowing you to easily write queries against that connection during development. Changing the profile or target in Configure dbt Project will create a new Connection.

active dbt profile available as database connection

Include and omit columns from results

When viewing the results of a query or dbt model, clicking the columns button to choose which columns are shown.

filtering results of a query by search term


Wed Dec 02 2020

Copy DDL of a table

Quikcly copy the CREATE TABLE statement of a table to your clipboard.

copy ddl of table

Copy or Download selection

For quick access to the data of a query of dbt model, right click the results and download or copy the selected results.

filtering results of a query by search term


Thu Nov 19 2020

dbt command shortcuts

Running common dbt commands just got even faster. Pull open the dbt command bar and invoke common commands with shortcuts.