dbt 0.19.2

Support for dbt 0.19.2 has been added.

dbt Terminal Support

dbt can now be used in Studio's terminals without needing to have manually installed dbt locally. The version currently selected under "Configure dbt Project" will be injected into your path by modifying the $PATH environment variable.

Studio terminal showing injected dbt

This feature can be turned off in the settings.

Terminal Support Toggle

Cleaning up dbt versions

dbt versions can now be deleted, allowing you to clean up old or unused versions to save some disk space. You can delete a version by hovering over it in the version selector and pressing the "Delete" button.

Version selector with Delete button

Improved dbt target selection

When you hover over a target under "Configure dbt Project", you will now see the config for that target displayed in a popup.

Target selection with target config in popup

Also, when a target cannot be parsed, instead of just not being disaplyed, it will now be shown in the selector as disabled along with an error that shows on hover explaining exactly what the problem was.

Toggle Theme Shortcut

A new shortcut of Cmd+Shift+T on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+T on Windows and Linux has been added for toggling between light mode and dark mode. This toggle has also been added to the application menu under "View".

Copy model name

A new "Copy Model Name" entry has been added to the right-click context menu for dbt models.

Target selection with target config in popup

Support for service-account BigQuery dbt targets

BigQuery dbt targets using the service-account method are now supported and will have an associated connection created when selected.

Improved autocompletion for ref and source tags

Both packages and models or seed files inside packages are now autocompleted when using the ref tag. Seed files will also now be autocompleted for source tags.

Target selection with target config in popup


  • Columns of a binary type on Snowflake connections will now be correctly displayed as hex strings.
  • Downloaded CSVs of results for Snowflake connections will now have the field names correctly escaped when they contain commas.
  • You will now be shown a warning if you try to use an unsupported flag in the dbt command input.
  • Toggling the dbt command bar (Cmd+Enter/Ctrl+Enter) now also works whilst on the "Terminal" tab.