dbt 0.21.0

Support for dbt 0.21.0 has been added.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Allow the use of fully-qualified table references in Snowflake, which allow you to refer to tables in other databases or schemas in the form {DATABASE}.{SCHEMA}.{TABLE}.
  • Stop suggesting dbt snippets in places that they are not valid.
  • Remove the dbt cloud section, which we will be reworking and bringing back in an improved form at a later date.

Support for dbt analysis and macro files

The same actions that are available on regular dbt model files are also now available on any analysis or macro files in your dbt project.

Results sorting

Results can now be sorted by clicking on the column header.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Tables and views in the connection explorer will now always be sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped file names from being clickable in dbt error logs.

dbt 0.20.2

Support for dbt 0.20.2 has been added.

Copy column names

You can now copy a comma-separated list of a table's columns from the right click context menu of tables in the connection explorer.

Quicker Postgres and Redshift syncs

We have improved the synchronization of Postgres and Redshift connections by reducing the number and complexity of queries needed to perform the sync. This means faster sync times for connections of these types, with improvements of up to 500% for larger connections.

Handling of very large connections

We have added some performance tweaks for connections with very large amounts of schemas, tables and columns. This will address the performance impacts there were for connections with several hundred thousand or more total schemas, tables and columns.

Connections determined to be impacted will now hide databases and schemas by default, instead of showing them all. The data for these databases and schemas will only be synced when they are shown, which means changing the selection of shown databases or schemas will automatically resync the connection. Other connections will keep working as before, with changes to shown databases and schemas being instantaneous.

Longer term, we will be working on refining the inner-workings of the app to improve the handling of these large connections, as well as connection syncing in general.

Fixes and tweaks

  • The "Tables" and "Views" folders in the connection explorer will no longer be shown if they are empty. If they aren't empty, they will now be expanded by default.
  • Fixed the opening of web links in terminals.
  • dbt versions will now be sorted with the most recent versions first.
  • When hovering over a target in the dbt target selector, sensitive fields such as passwords will now be masked.

dbt 0.20.0 and 0.20.1

Support for dbt 0.20.0 and dbt 0.20.1 has been added.


  • Newly discovered databases and schemas on connections will now be shown by default, instead of being hidden until you manually select them.