More consistent handling of environment variables

If you are using environment variables in your dbt project configs, you now should be able to declare those variables anywhere in your shell config, not only in shell config that is loaded for non-interactive terminals. Basically - if the environment variable is available in your native terminal, it will be available to dbt in Studio.

Studio's terminals also should now have exactly the same environment as your native terminals. Previously there could be discrepancies leading to programs no longer being in your path, most noticeably with zsh on macOS.


  • dbt commands that include quotes will now be correctly parsed on Windows.
  • Fixed a potential crash when copying extremely long results to the clipboard.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the new tab button for a non-focussed split would open the new tab in the wrong split.
  • Moving a dbt project file by dragging and dropping it will now correctly update the paths of any tabs for that file that were open.
  • Closing a tab that has in-progress actions will no longer cause errors.
  • Multiple minor stability and bug fixes.

Global Search

Search across your saved queries and your dbt project files with full text search!


  • Fixed an issue creating a sudo warning when running dbt commands on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with the dbt_project.yml file not being found


  • Fixed an issue with large integers being truncated in Snowflake and BigQuery.
  • Fixed an column aliases not being suggested after group by.
  • Fixed an issue with order being suggested rather than order by.

dbt 0.19.1

dbt version 0.19.1 is now available for use.


  • Fixed an issue with in and not in being considered invalid syntax.
  • Fixed an issue with union being considered invalid syntax.
  • Fixed an issue with group by not accepting expressions.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the connection associated with a tab did not refresh the error linting of the tab contents.


  • Fixed an issue when canceling dbt commands on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on Lineage Graph nodes on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with Redshift dbt profiles using pass rather password.