• Fixed an issue when canceling dbt commands on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on Lineage Graph nodes on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with Redshift dbt profiles using pass rather password.

Autocomplete sources in dbt files

The source_name and table_name of the source Jinja function will now show autocomplete suggestions based on the sources that exist in your project.

Allow selection of role in a Snowflake connection

You can now assume a specific role for a Snowflake connection.


  • Fixed an issue caused by test nodes in dbt lineage graphs.
  • Fixed an issue with between not being considered valid syntax.

New editor file styles

We've updated the styles used in the editor to make keywords more clear across more types of displays, operating systems, and resolutions

Create a new dbt project within Studio

You can now create a new dbt project in Studio, allowing you to define the target, profile, and version of dbt to use.

Function tooltips in dbt files

When calling a function in a dbt file, you can now see the function signature to quickly see what parameters to pass to the function


  • Fixed an issue with connections persisting after being deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with where users could run a query in a tab after deleting the query.
  • Fixed an issue with count(*) not being considered valid syntax.
  • Fixed an issue with columns being aliased with as not being considered valid syntax.

Function Parameter Tooltips

When opening a function in a query or a dbt file, the function parameters will be shown.

Reference autocomplete in dbt files

A list of models in the dbt project will be provided when completing a reference in a dbt file.

Drag and drop files in dbt projects

You can now drag and drop files and folders in dbt projects

Filter dbt models by resource type

The lineage graph now features a vertical panel for filtering and has added support for filtering by resource type.

lineage graph open showing new Options panel