Clicking "New Query" now sets connection details

Right clicking on a Connection and clicking "New Query" will now set the tab's connection details to the current connection's database (and schema if a schema was selected).

All BigQuery instances available to service account are now shown

When connecting to BigQuery, all BigQuery instances that service account has access to will be shown.

Improved support for git ignored files in dbt projects

Files and folders that are ignored from git are now dimmed in the dbt project explorer. Those files are also omitted from the results in the omnibar results.

Shortcut tooltips

Common actions will now show their keyboard shortcut in the toolip.

tooltip shortcut on a button

Generate dbt source and dbt base model

Right clicking on a Schema of a dbt Connection and clicking "Generate dbt Source" will generate a dbt source based on the DDL the tables in that schema.

Right clicking on a Table of a dbt Connection and clicking "Generate dbt base Model" will generate a dbt Model based on the DDL the table.

Support for dbt Exposures

If you've defined exposures in your dbt project (and you should), you will now send them rendered in the Lineage Graph.

tooltip shortcut on a button

Click on dbt file names in logs to jump to file

When viewing the output of a dbt command or a compilarion failure, you can now click on the dbt file name to jump directly to the dbt file

Window function autocomplete

Keywords used in windows functions now show autocomplete reccomendations.

autocomplete for a window function